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Market Activity

Updated Southern Maryland Market Activity 

How's the market you ask? Click on the county or county's you're interested in. Come back each month to see the change in market activity. If you'd like particular data such as a specific zip code, contact me and I'll gladly send you over a report.

Calvert County September 2019 Summary Report             Calvert County September 2019 Detailed Report

Charles County September 2019 Summary Report              Charles County September 2019 Detailed Report

St. Mary's County September 2019 Summary Report     St. Mary's County September 2019 Detailed Report


​Contact me to obtain the most Updated Market Information

Each month, market activity is updated to reflect how the Southern Maryland Real Estate Market is doing. Contact me to get the most updated market activity. Use this information to help you determine what it is you're looking to do in regards to Real Estate. 

If you have any questions about the current local market please give me a call at 240-925-1928 or email me at [email protected]